Who We Are

The Dnipro Ukrainian Dance Ensemble, established in 1967 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is dedicated to celebrating Ukrainian cultures and traditions through the art of folk dance. We specialize in traditional choreography that embodies artistry, acrobatics, and elegance. Our authentic costumes are meticulously crafted in Ukraine, reflecting traditional colors and designs.

Throughout the years, our ensemble has welcomed hundreds of dancers who have performed both nationally and internationally. Comprising three age-diverse groups—Kalyna, Promin, and Dnipro—we embrace individuals of varied ethnic backgrounds, not limited to Ukrainian heritage, and dancers of all skill levels, with no prerequisite for formal training.

Guided by passionate volunteers, many of whom have danced with Dnipro for years, we take pride in nurturing talent and sharing our collective experience with others.


Sara Andersen

Julia Orlowski

Artistic Directors

Viktoriia Senych

Artem Konovchenko

Children’s Director

Iryna Levit

Booking for Performance

We showcase our talents at a variety of events, ranging from weddings and school functions to ethnic and cultural festivals, as well as private events. If you’re considering hiring Dnipro for your event, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us directly via email or phone.

Interested in Dancing

Our youth groups engage in practice and performances from September to January. Our adult group warmly welcomes dancers of all backgrounds and skill levels, practicing throughout the year. If you’re interested in joining a practice session, feel free to reach out to us directly via email or phone.