Who We Are

Dnipro Ukrainian Dance Ensemble is a non-profit organization that celebrates the rich, beautiful culture of Ukraine through, dance, costumes, language, and music. We are known for our upbeat dances, elaborate costumes, and traditional folk dance and music of Ukraine. We have performed throughout the US and all over the world including Canada, Japan and Ukraine.

How to Learn More

This website provides all the information needed to know about our dance group. The links on the website will lead to more information about our youth group, upcoming events, our Zabava, our Facebook page, and contact information to get in contact with a member of the group.

Feel like Dancing? We Welcome all Dancers to Join!

Age Groups

There are three groups within our organization. Kayna (4 to 10), Promin (11 to 15) and the adult group (16+). We welcome all experience levels and encourage everyone to try their best. Whether you speak only Ukrainian or only English, it’s going to be a great time.


Each show we put fourth our best and hope to impress all audience members. We like to perform at weddings, parties and much more! If interested in find out more information, scroll through the renaming of the website or go straight to the contact us page.